Mark ‘SPUD’ Murphy is an Australian comedian, son of a dairy farmer, ex-cool room maker and just a downright funny kind of guy. Spud grew up on a dairy farm in North East Victoria in a small country town called Kergunyah. For those of you who are unsure where that is; it’s at the foot of Mount Murramurrangbong, over the hill from Yackandandah and just up the road from Tangambalanga. Spud started out his days milking cows and playing in the family band, he then dabbled in building cool rooms, being a refrigeration mechanic, becoming a dad, to one day deciding to get up on stage and become a comedian. Spud now lives in Albury, NSW.

Ever since Spud was a young boy, he dreamed of being a stand-up comic, always seeing the funny in everything. Back in 2001 Spud entered into a talent comics night at Rochester Castle and to his surprise he won the contest and hasn’t looked back since. Spud’s witty, tasteful comedy style appeals to people from all walks of life. His amazing talent of musical comedy acts, word play sketches, one liners and stories capture audience’s hearts and give them a cracker of a time. Spud has regularly performed on the Sydney and Melbourne comedy circuits, but where he is best known is in the many towns throughout regional Australia. Along the way Spud has also teamed up with Camp Quality, whose slogan is ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, raising many thousands of dollars for them.

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